English<->German Translation and Post-Editing

With my MA in Translation Studies and over seven years of experience, this is what I do best. I am fluent in both languages and both cultures, meaning I can translate concepts, tone and style to perfectly fit the target audience. If you want to find out more about what makes a good translation beyond simply translating words, read here.
I also provide technical translation (user manuals, video tutorials, business websites and more) in a wide variety of areas. The fact that I love learning new things helps – generally, there isn’t a topic that I can’t get my teeth into!
I do post-editing of machine translation in English or German (I actually do FR>DE for my main client, but this is fairly straightforward stuff; it’s not normally one of my source languages).

Luxembourgish Translation

There seems to be a surge of requests for translations into Luxembourgish. Now generally, this will not be necessary as Luxembourgers read and understand German and/or French and are used to consuming much of their information this way. There may be a need for the local language to demonstrate your particular dedication to your customers, but I would only employ this in customer service or marketing. Technical texts especially tend to sound clunky or awkward, as almost all terms will be imported.
With that said, if you have a need for a Luxembourgish translation, do get in touch (details at bottom of page) and I’ll let you know what I can do (or what my thoughts are)….

SEO localisation 

Thanks to my background in SEO as well as 15+ years of experience building websites, I also provide top quality SEO localisation and keyword translation. My knowledge of actual web usage in both languages means I won’t just blindly translate words, but will help you target the right keywords based on what your audience will most likely search for.

German / English copywriting 

I can do SEO copywriting and content creation in both languages. My specialist areas are travel writing and career/learning, but I am able to write an engaging and natural-sounding article in almost any topic you require – this includes any necessary research so I don’t just regurgitate empty phrases, but provide actually useful information to your readers!

Proofreading / copy editing (English / German) 

Correct grammar and spelling matter! You don’t want to lose customers by making a poor impression. I can help you ensure your website, brochure, newsletter (or even your PhD thesis!) are error-free and written in the appropriate style for your intended target audience.

Multilingual customer services 

If you need to contact your customers about a specific issue but don’t have a need for a permanent customer service department, I’m here to help out! Having worked in CS for many years in English, German and French, I can offer ad hoc telephone or email-based customer service for your product or company, whether as a one off, or over a specific time frame.

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