Luxembourgish, German, English Translation

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I am an experienced Luxembourgish | English | German translator and copywriter living back in Luxembourg after 15 years in Brighton, UK. I offer a variety of multilingual services, including localization, machine translation post-editing (MTPE), proofreading and copywriting. My particular experience lies in software UI, retail, management and marketing translation.

Do you really need a translator?

Why should you hire a translator? Isn’t AI getting ever more sophisticated? Localizing a text is far more than transposing words into a different language. To truly reach your target audience without being misunderstood or, worse, offending, you need someone familiar with local customs and the spirit of a place. You can read my article about what makes a good translation for more info about my philosophy and interest in translation and languages.

Luxembourg – a unique challenge

Luxembourg is a multilingual country with over 50% foreigners, speaking a variety of languages – a true Babel! You never know which languages you’ll get to use when you step out of the house. Luxembourgish itself is going through an exciting process of revitalisation, with more and more immigrants choosing to learn it. All of this makes it a truly fascinating time to work in Luxembourgish translation!

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